Respond to the Call to Serve!

This blog post serves as a reflection and summary of the sermon from last Sunday.  If you desire a more in-depth understanding, we invite you to listen to the full sermon recording (link above).

Sermon Reflection

Scripture: 1 Peter 4:10-11
Big Idea: Once we decide to follow Jesus, we are divinely called to serve, equipped with unique spiritual gifts as described in I Peter 4:10-11 and Corinthians. Every Christian possesses at least one gift intended for service.  To discern these gifts, believers should pray, educate themselves, and undertake a Spiritual Gifts InventoryEmbracing Jesus' example of serving others reveals the power of unconditional love and the transformative nature of humility.

Understanding Spiritual Gifts

The Apostle Paul stressed the importance of understanding our spiritual gifts. In the church, many individuals walk around unaware of these powerful gifts they possess. We must delve into scriptures like First Corinthians 12-14 and Romans 12 to unwrap these gifts and understand them. Each one of us holds a unique gift – be it the gift of speech, serving, or teaching. Recognizing this is vital.

Living as Stewards

Every spiritual gift is likened to a potluck dish. At a potluck, everyone brings their best dish to the table. Similarly, we bring our spiritual gifts to the proverbial table of life. We serve our communities, support our churches, and aid those around us. By doing this, we echo God's words through our actions, helping and serving in every capacity.

The Gift of Serving

Service is a pivotal aspect of our spiritual journey. While not everyone is destined to be in the spotlight, each one of us plays a crucial role in God's grand design. We're reminded of Brother Charles Hulk, a diligent servant of God who, through his unwavering service, influenced countless souls. Service isn't about accolades; it's about being a beacon of God's love in this world.

Answering the Call

Ultimately, the call to serve is a responsibility, not an option. It’s a call to embrace and utilize our gifts to bless others. Whether you're a speaker, teacher, server, or holder of any other spiritual gift, your role is paramount. Your service matters. The big question is, will you answer the call?


Individual achievement is often celebrated above all else, but let's remember the collective power of service. When we unite, acknowledging and employing our spiritual gifts, we manifest God’s glory on Earth. It’s a call to serve, a beckoning to a higher purpose. Let’s take a step forward, understanding our spiritual gifts, and use them for God’s greater glory.
This blog post is a reflection of the sermon and serves as a summary of the key points discussed. We invite you to listen to the full sermon for a more in-depth understanding of the topic.

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