Growth Track

At St. Paul, we have found it helpful for members to share a common experience and understanding of our beliefs, history, culture, practices and expectations. Our goal is to inform and equip you with information that will lead you to a deeper commitment to support St. Paul through your consistent prayer, presence, financial gifts, service and invitation to others. We look forward to walking alongside you as you become a member here and invite you to engage in our path to membership by completing Growth Track.

Growth Track

Growth Track is your first step to joining the St. Paul family! This four-week series will help you discover your strengths and how they can be used in the body of Christ. Growth Track takes place each quarter for four consecutive Sundays at 9:00 AM, starting with Step One on the first Sunday of the month. Individuals can join a session at any time.   All official members have joined St. Paul by professing their faith in Jesus Christ, completing Growth Track, and completing a Member Profile form.


StepONE takes place the first Sunday of the month.  
Participants will learn the spiritual journey God has for each of us as He invites us to Come into relationship with Him, Follow Jesus, and Go into the world to live a life of purpose and fulfillment.  


StepTWO takes place the second Sunday of the month. 
Participants will explore the ministry of St. Paul.  They will also discover ways to live connected and opportunities to grow at St. Paul.


StepTHREE takes place the third Sunday of the month. 
Participants will discover their personality and gifts, and see how their design reveals their purpose in life and best fit in ministry.  


StepFOUR takes place the fourth Sunday of the month. 
Participants will connect to opportunities availabLe at St. Paul to live out their purpose and serve others by using their God-given gift.


Growth Track

Every Sunday at 9 AM
Every Sunday at 9 AM
Every Sunday at 9 AM
Every Sunday at 9 AM

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