Rahab: From Shadows to Salvation

This blog post serves as a reflection and summary of the sermon from last Sunday.  As we dive into the key points discussed, we encourage you to take a moment to reflect on the sermon and its impact on your life. If you desire a more in-depth understanding, we invite you to listen to the full sermon recordingLet's embark on this journey of spiritual growth together, discovering how God's Word can transform our lives and help us overcome the insecurities that hold us back.
This week's sermon highlights the story of Rahab, a woman who's story will help us uncover valuable insights about faith, taking risks, and believing in the greatness of God. 


Rahab's faith was anchored in God's greatness

Despite her past and the gods she had been taught about, hearing about the true and living God made her question the validity of her previous beliefs. She willingly risked her life to protect the spies because she had confidence in the greatness of God. 

Stepping out in faith requires action

Merely reciting scriptures and singing songs is not enough. True faith involves taking risks and walking the walk. We are called to believe in God's promises and actively pursue them, even when it seems daunting or uncertain. 

A little bit of faith goes a long way

We don't need to have enormous faith to see God's work in our lives. Even a small amount of faith, like a mustard seed, can lead us to see more of God's presence and power. Taking small steps of faith will gradually reveal His faithfulness. 


  1. Step out in faith: Assess the areas in your life where God may be challenging you to step out in faith. Identify any fears or doubts holding you back and surrender them to Him. Take a small step towards what God has called you to do, trusting that He will guide and provide.
  2. Move beyond your comfort zone: Examine whether you have become too comfortable in your faith. Challenge yourself to stretch beyond the familiar and embrace the unknown. Trust that God is greater than any limitations or obstacles you may face.
  3. Nurture your faith: Cultivate your faith by spending time in God's Word, praying, and seeking His presence. Allow your faith to grow, gradually taking bigger steps as you witness His faithfulness in your life.

Going Deeper

Take a moment to reflect on how God is using your brokenness for His purpose. Trust that even in the midst of your flaws and past mistakes, God can work miracles. Embrace the truth that He is faithful and has a unique plan for your life, no matter your background or baggage.   As Pastor Hubbard said in the sermon, "I don't need big faith, I just need mustard seed faith." Let these words resonate in your heart as you face challenges and uncertainties. Remember, a little faith can move mountains and lead you to experience the greatness of God. 
This blog post is a reflection of the sermon and serves as a summary of the key points discussed. We invite you to listen to the full sermon for a more in-depth understanding of the topic.
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