The Better Journal

Available for download and via the St. Paul App, the Better Journal is an invaluable tool for anyone seeking to enrich their spiritual journey and align more closely with their faith and purpose.

*** We are sold out of the Better Journal booklets; however, you can still use the Journal via the St. Paul app or download a PDF to print!   **


2024 is our year to focus on being "Better." In his weekly sermons, Pastor Hubbard will explore what it means to improve ourselves, our faith, and our understanding of God's word. To help you on this journey, we've created the Better Journal---a guide for deeper reflection and practical application of each sermon. The Better Journal is designed to help you connect more closely God, understand the sermons, and discover ways to grow better in your faith, relationships, and daily life. Join us in making 2024 a year of meaningful growth and spiritual deepening!


How to use the Better Journal in the St. Paul App

This video walks you through how to take notes (accessing The Better Journal) directly in the St. Paul app!  

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2024 Focus

January - March 2024

"Better Insight"
Deep Spirituality & Self-awareness 

April - June

"Better Understanding"
Empathy and Active Listening 

July - September

"Better Boundaries"
Setting Healthy Limits 

October - December

"Better Together"
Resolving Conflicts and Building Unity 

2024 FAST

Why do Christians fast? Jesus indicates in Matthew 6:16 that fasting is an expected discipline, not optional, for His followers. It's a practice seen throughout the Bible to draw closer to God and seek breakthroughs. Fasting, a spiritual discipline of abstaining from food to focus more on God, aligns our desires with God's and strengthens us spiritually, allowing us to overcome physical desires. Christians fast to deepen their relationship with God and witness His power in various aspects of life.

January 9th - 11th

"Identity and Purpose" Fast
Engage in a Daniel fast while specifically seeking God's guidance to help prepare their hearts for a deeper relational focus. During this fast, reflect on your unique identity and purpose, inviting God's presence to guide and shape your understanding of meaningful connections within your relationships.  Please consult with your doctor before participating in the Daniel Fast!  For more info, visit 

January 21st - January 27th

"Courageous Living" Fast
Emulate the courage of biblical figures like David, Deborah, and Nehemiah. You can fast from comfort foods or habits and use this time to step out of their comfort zones, embracing challenges with faith and determination. 

February 12th - February 16th 

"Speak Grace" Fast
Abstain from negative self-talk and replace it with words of grace and affirmation. Participate in a media fast to avoid negativity in the media and focus on positive, grace-filled thoughts. 

October - December

"Bold Commitment" Fast
Choose one thing to abstain from, sacrificing it to draw closer to Jesus and gain clarity on how God wants them to serve His purpose. 


A personal SWOT analysis is essential for self-awareness and strategic planning. It helps identify strengths to leverage, weaknesses to improve, opportunities to pursue, and threats to mitigate, enabling informed decision-making and optimal personal development.  This exercise is designed to be carried out over a quarter.
For personality insights
For spiritual gifts assessment
For deeper personality insights