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Have you ever had a time when it seemed like "the bottom has fallen out in your life"?  The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many of us to have that feeling.  There is a level of unfamiliarity that creates discomfort.  There are so many looming unanswered questions that cause us to lean towards despair.  There is an unsettling reality that has left us speechless. Our prayer for each of us is that we remain diligent while we keep the faith.

We don’t have answers, but we strive to be a resource to help us “keep our minds” while we go through this crisis. 

mental health resources

This is a season of high stress and isolation for many people, and we're concerned with how you're processing and coping with everything mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Please see below for a variety of resources related to coping with anxiety, stress, and more.

How to Manage Financial Anxiety 

During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Where to Find Financial Relief

During Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Work Remotely During COVID-19

E-Learning or Distance Learning Study Tips

Exercise But Don’t Know Where to Start

Mental Health Support

Legal Resources