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Administer Justice is the national leader in understanding God’s heart of justice for the poor and offers pro bono legal advice and gospel-centered legal aid clinics for those that need it most.  If anyone has any interest in the roles below or knows someone that may, please have them contact Kelly Tanney via email or cell phone (309) 824-2108.

See opportunities to serve below (As a reminder, the serving commitment will be just once monthly for approximately 4-6 hours! )!

Prayer Champion
Transformational Impact: You derive joy from prayer.  Prayer is energy-giving. You discern the Holy Spirit and are led to intervene for others.  

Description:  Engage the church community in prayer for clients.  Complete prayer cards for clients.  Pray over the space, team, and clients, and involve others in prayer.

Client Intake Specialist
Transformational Impact: You are the glue that holds the center together.  You experience joy knowing this as other team members look to your help in coordinating essential tasks for client scheduling, ensuring high-quality client and case documentation, and team administration.  

Description: Pre Center: Organize space, resources, and laptops with Wifi

During Center: Welcome guests, explain the process, collect client co-pay, help with registration, and prep for an appointment.  Post Center: Restore space, finish documentation and QA, and make necessary prep for the next center.

Information Interpreter
Transformational Impact: You find joy in knowing you are God's bridge of understanding for overwhelmed clients.

Description: Facilitate communication between the client, attorney, client advocate, client intake specialist, and other volunteers as needed.

Gifts, Skills, and Character Traits:  Bilingual.  Professional experience is ideal. Good listener and communicator.  Heart of mercy.  

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