St. Paul Choraleers (Grades K-8):

The St. Paul Choraleers will consist of boys and girls from grades K – 8. The children will be taught music that will be “age-appropriate” for our young believers who will tell stories of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ through song and choreography. They will be led by those that are passionate and have a nurturing spirit toward our youth. Those that give direction to our children must have a background in music and most importantly have a heart for children and have a background in working with children musically. There will also be voice exercises to ensure that our children are utilizing their voices correctly.

The St. Paul United Voices

The St. Paul United Voices consists of adults that bring their harmonic voices together for the purpose of praise and worship in a contemporary Christian genre. While ages are diverse, their unique sound combined with purposeful praise and worship offers the congregant an alternative to participate in a pure “choir” setting. The St. Paul United Voices are also transit and accept engagements upon request as approved by the Minister of Music.

St. Paul Men of Praise (Men)

The St. Paul Men of Praise will consist of men of St. Paul representing a reflection of diversity in our male congregants. While blending their voices for praise and worship, it will offer an opportunity to men in our community to see Men of God made up of Fathers, executives, teachers, coaches, laborers, those who have overcome addictions and criminal challenges; all from different socio-economic and racial backgrounds coming together for one purpose…to uplift the name of Jesus in Song!

St. Paul Women of Courage (Women)

The St. Paul Women of Courage ministers in song, word and deed. They serve as the outreach arm of the Music Ministry. Since Gospel Music tells the Good news of Jesus Christ in song , ministers to the soul while transcending cultural, socio-economic, gender, and racial lines, it affords a perfect opportunity to minister to those in need and capture their attention by offering practical needs. This unique holistic approach has proven to be a means to minister to the spiritual need as well as the physical to an audience that may not be able to attend the physical church. The Women of Courage minister in song, word and deed to those that are shut-in, incarcerated, institutionalized, hospitalized and face social and economic barriers in our community.