• Deveraux Hubbard - Lead Pastor

    Hometown: East St. Louis, IL
    Places I’ve Lived: Peoria, IL
    All Time Favorite Movie: The Matrix
    A place I’d love to Vacation: Anywhere with Kristie
    Favorite Food: Soul Food
    Favorite Place to Hangout: Sporting events with Kristie and kids
    Must Have: Good cup of coffee

    Did you Know: I had to answer one question before Kristie would agree to marry me. She said that she would not marry me if I didn’t answer the question right. She asked me if I planned on being a pastor like my father and grandfather. I told her no. Kristie only agreed to marry me because I said no. Over twenty years ago it was neither my plan nor my desire to be a pastor.

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  • Antwon Dussett - Associate Pastor

    Hometown: Los Angeles, Ca
    Places I’ve Lived: New Orleans, La; Ft. Stewart, Ga; Grambling, La; Peoria, Il
    All Time Favorite Movie: The Last Dragon
    A place I’d love to Vacation: Rio
    Favorite Food: Alaskan Salmon
    Favorite Place to Hangout: Sporting events
    Must Have: Opportunities to workout/train


  • Brent Foster - Associate Pastor

    Hometown: Peoria, IL
    Places I’ve Lived: Omaha , Neb. Elkhart, IN. Markham, IL. , Los Angeles, Ca. and various places while in the Marine Corps.
    All Time Favorite Movie: Ten Commandments
    A place I’d love to Vacation: Jamaica with my wife Sandra
    Favorite Food: Breakfast: omelets
    Favorite Place to Hangout: Home
    Must Have: Quiet time to renew myself from a tiring week

    Did you Know: I participated in the rescue of the SS Mayaguez Ship in May 1975. This was the last official battle of the Vietnam War.


  • Herschel Hannah - Executive Minister

    Hometown: Peoria, Illinois
    Places I’ve Lived: Raleigh, NC
    All Time Favorite Movie: The Wild Bunch
    A place I’d love to Vacation: Alaska
    Favorite Food: None
    Favorite Place to Hangout: Panera's
    Must Have: Time for Reflection


  • Eddie Jackson - Associate Pastor

    Hometown: Peoria, IL
    Places I’ve Lived: St. Louis
    All Time Favorite Movie: Lean on Me
    A place I’d love to Vacation: Hawaii
    Favorite Food: Greens or Cabbage
    Favorite Place to Hangout: Anywhere where there are books, ex. Barnes & Noble, Bereans, Library
    Must Have: Something Biblical to Read

    Did you Know: I have a love for music. Before I started preaching a little over 20 years ago, I was one of the best drummers in the Peoria area.


  • Dinah Motley - Discipleship and Equipping Director

    Hometown:   Chicago, Illinois
    Places I’ve Lived:
     Cary, North Carolina
    All-time favorite movie: 
    Favorite author
    :  It's hard to name just one! Charles Swindoll, Kay Arthur, Max Lucado, John Maxwell, John Grisham
    A Place I’d Love to Vacation
    : South Africa or Europe
    Must Have:
    IPad and Coffee!
    Favorite Food
    : Great Bar B-Q
    Favorite Place to Hangout
    :  Anywhere with my daughters.

    Did You Know?
       Dinah has served as Equipping director for 7 years.  She has a passion for teaching the Word and leading people to discover and use their gifts for Kingdom building.  Dinah is also a member of St. Paul’s praise and worship team.  She was married for 26 years to her best friend Vernon, who went to be with the Lord in 2009.  She’s mom to Calida, an attorney living in Chicago, Kelly, architecture major at Harvard and Veronica, a student at Georgetown.   In her spare time, Dinah enjoys catching up on politics, reading, cooking and HGTV! 

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  • Kristie Hubbard - Family Life Director

    Hometown:  Chicago, IL
    Places I’ve Lived: Chicago,IL; Albuquerque, NM; Peoria
    All Time Favorite Movie: Grease  
    A place I’d love to Vacation: Domincan Republic
    Favorite Food: Banana Pudding 
    Favorite Place to Hangout:  Sporting events with my kids
    Must Have:  Fun  

    Did you Know:  When Kristie was in grade school she was a member of an award winning talent show dance team. 

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  • Shelfraa Johnson - Accounting Clerk / Membership Coordinator

    Hometown: Blytheville, Ak
    Places I live: Peoria, IL
    All time Favorite Movie: Sparkle
    A place I love to vacation: Hawaii
    Favorite Food: Dessert
    Favorite Place to hang out: Home
    Must Have: TV and sweets

    Did you know: That Shelfraa is married to world greatest husband Lamont Johnson of thirteen years who protects and serve his community. Shelfraa's enjoy watching TV. We have a future Hall of Famer JereMye Johnson who has a caring heart

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  • Jannise Bush - Volunteer Coordinator

    Hometown: Battle Creek, Michigan
    Places I’ve Lived: Battle Creek, Peoria
    All-time favorite movie: Holiday Heart and Thor
    Favorite author: Diana Gabaldon and James Patterson
    A Place I’d Love to Vacation: Anyplace with a beach and clear blue water.
    Favorite Food: Breakfast foods
    Favorite Place to Hang Out: Home
    Must Have: Internet connection

    Did you know? I have three children (Tony, Jason, and Ruby) and six grandchildren (Maceo, Trinity, Yuri, Israel, Marley, and Kahliah). Knowing that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me allows me to be happy and at peace living a life pleasing to God.

    Office schedule: Tuesday through Friday 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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  • Eugene Daniel - Young Adult Ministry

    Hometown: Marietta, Georgia 
    Places I’ve Lived: Marietta, Ga.; Baton Rouge, La.; Elon, NC; and Peoria, Il. 
    All-time Favorite Movie: 12 Angry Men (1957) 
    A Place I’d Love to Vacation: France
    Favorite Foods: Sweet Potato Pie and everything else
    Favorite Place to Hangout: Anywhere with people 
    Must Have: A basketball, food, people to serve, a good book and a song to sing. 

    Did you know? Eugene came to Peoria as a T.V. news reporter for the local CBS affiliate. He loves to write poetry and song lyrics. His mom, Judy, taught him how to sing. Eugene is named after his grandfather. His dad, Eugene Jr., played 14 years in the N.F.L. and is the all-time leader in interceptions for the Indianapolis Colts. Eugene is addicted to notebooks. No, really, he collects notebooks. 

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