Learn how to study the Bible with the SOAP Bible study method!


Choose your passage for study.  As you read, highlight the verses, words, or phrases that jump out at you.  Write out the verse(s) that spoke to you the most!


Observation is taking note of what the passage says.  What captured your attention as you read this passage?  Did God speak to you as you were reading?  What did you learn?  


This is where you ask the Lord to show you how the passage applies to your life.  What part of this scripture can you apply to your life?  What will change if you do?


End your time in prayer.  Ask God to give you a clear understanding of this scripture.  Ask Him to help you apply it to your life.  Pray the scripture over yourself.

2020 Reading plan

Read the entire Bible in it's ancient literary order (The TaNaK order). This order helps us view the overarching story in a different light and is how Jesus would have read it. In this plan you will read the Old Testament in the TaNak order, followed by the books of the New Testament.

Alternative Reading Plan

If reading the entire bible in a year is too much, try reading just the New Testament in a year!  5 minutes a day, 5 days a week, 5 ways to dig deeper. This plan will take you through one chapter each day.  Starting the 5x5x5 reading plan by clicking the link below!