RightNow Media

RightNow Media is an online library of faith based video studies that you can access at any time on any computer, tablet, or phone with internet access.  RightNow has over 10,000 studies on any subject you can imagine for men, women, small groups, leadership development, parenting, biblical finance, marriage, and much more.  They even have great content for kids that they’ll enjoy!  This is a great resource that will help all of us grow.  RightNow Media FREE for every member of St. Paul.  Click the link to get started with RightNow Media!

Community occurs when we are connected through life, the Word, fellowship, and prayer;  and we’re excited to introduce a new mobile app that allows us to do just that!  Through, you can interact with other St. Paul members, send and respond to prayer requests, and receive inspirational content from St. Paul leaders.  It gives us a glimpse of what is on the hearts and minds of our brothers and sisters, and seek the face of God on behalf of those we love.  To join, go to and enter your phone number to get started.