We are committed to transforming people with the gospel of Jesus Christ so that Christ’s life may be seen in their lives.


We exist to catch and cultivate the lost so that they may have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ which will cause them to celebrate Him, commune with believers and work with us to fulfill the Great Commission?

1. Catch the lost…..Evangelism
Evangelism is the good news spoken by believers and lived out in their lives; it is spiritual interaction between saved persons and lost person.

2. Cultivate the lost ….Discipleship
Discipleship is a process that begins after conversion and continues throughout a believer’s life.  Discipleship is not an option for a church or believer.  Believers are to disciple each other as mandated in the Great Commission; this involves taking up one’s cross daily to follow Christ.

3. Celebrate Him…Worship
Worship occurs when we ascribe to God the worth to which He is worthy!  You can worship alone or with a congregation.  Worship can occur when a person is involved in a ministry or service that brings an awareness of God’s presence.  Corporate worship as a church family provide opportunity to encourage one another in the faith and spiritual life (Heb. 10:25)

4. Commune with Believers…Fellowship
Christian fellowship grows out of fellowship with God.  Fellowship is a joining together in common purpose as Christians.

5. Commissioned to serve…Ministry
We believe that God gives ministry responsibility to every Christian.  We are stewards of ministry, and we cannot minister effectively without the power and giftedness of the Holy Spirit.  (I Cor 12:7)

“Taking the Next Steps…A Guide for New Church Members” Ralph W. Hodge