About KAA

Located on the highest point of KAA’s 240 acres, KAA 3 boasts spectacular high adventure activities where campers supercharge their thrill meter and sharpen their sports skills in concentrated specialty sports like football, basketball, mountain biking, volleyball and many others.  KAA 3 offers a foundational training ground for spiritual growth, as well as Covenant Family training—what God’s intended model of a family looks and functions like. The purpose is to build a solid foundation in each young believer’s faith, while also imparting the truth of the Gospel to those who have not been introduced to the Savior.


The cost for attending camp is $295 per camper.  DEPOSIT DUE ASAP.  TOTAL PAYMENT OF $295 DUE APRIL 15TH!

Sponsor a Student

God’s Gift to the world was Jesus Christ, so it only makes sense that we give our children an exciting week of Jesus at KAA! Let them unwrap love on Christmas day and shout K-A-A, U KNOW!!! DEPOSIT DUE ASAP

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