Previous Givers use the Direct Link - Members and  Nonmembers 

Instructions for Online Giving

Step 1    Sign into our Online Giving Service (ACS)
Members: You can begin your Online giving experience by signing into ACS.  Click Sign In once you have completed the requested information.

(Members click the images to be taken to the online giving secure site)
Online Giving

Nonmembers: Before you can give online, you must register.  On the Giving Website you will need to click "Need a Login? Click here" section

After you register with our system for the first time, you will be automatically be logged in to the online giving system and can start your first transaction.  You will receive an email after registration that includes a username and password that you will need to use after your first online gift.  Please do not lose this information! It will be required the next time you want to give online.  If this is the first time you have given online and are already logged in, please continue to Step 2.

(Non-Members click the image below to be taken to the online giving secure site)
Online Giving

Step 2    Your Gift
Once signed into the system, click on Giving.  Then click on the Gift Tab.  Here is where you will put in how much you would like to give, when you would like to give, and how often you would like to give.
Hit Continue once completed.
Online Giving

Step 3    Choice of Funds.
   Using our system, you can give to multiple ministries with one transaction.  To see available categories to contribute to, please use the scroll bar on the right.  Highlight your contribution choices and click Continue.
Online Giving

Step 4    Payment method
   Please choose your desired payment method:
Online Giving

   Submit your payment
      When you have entered all the payment information correctly, press the [Submit Payment] button to complete your transaction.
Online Giving

Step 5    Review and Process
   This is your opportunity to review your contribution.  Once reviewed, click Process Gift

Online Giving

Step 6    Receipt
Check your receipt and print if connected to a printer.
Online Giving