On March 31, 1914, St. Paul Baptist Church was organized by a Mission Band of ladies from Mount Zion under the leadership of Rev. William H. Hayes at 113 W. Lincoln Ave. The Church was incorporated on October 19, 1917. The first elected officers were John Laster, Grant Freeman, Thomas Jackson, Henry Clemons, Andrew Jackson as Trustees, and Emma Fears as Church Secretary. The Church then purchased property on 226 W. Howett Street, for the sum of $1,000.00 and it was paid for in one year.

Rev. Hayes served from 1914 to 1919. Rev. James E. Jones then served as interim pastor for two years. Rev. Elbert L. Todd then pastored for two years starting in 1923. We purchased our first parsonage during his pastorate on 401 Merriman Street, and later four others were purchased on Howett Street, Fisher Street, Smith, and S. Merriman Court, respectively.

In 1925 Rev. Calvin Autry served as interim pastor for one year. Thereafter Rev. James S. Davis was called and served for eight years. Rev. Calvin Autry was called to serve as interim again in 1933 and later was called to pastor for the next eight years. Around 1942 Rev. Samuel A. Miller was called to the pastor the Church. Rev. Miller served for five years and was later followed by Rev. Ernest L. Plant who only served for nine months due to his untimely death. Rev. Franklin L. Jefferson was then called and he served for eight years. Rev. Jefferson was followed by Rev. Noble B. Russey and he served for two years.

In October 1956, our beloved Rev. Amos L. Abbott was called to serve as pastor for 40 years until his death August 12, 1996. Under the leadership of Pastor Abbott, the church was able to burn its mortgage at its current location on 603 W. Nebraska Avenue on Sunday August 11, 1996. Thereafter, Rev. A. J. Guyton served as interim minister for 7 months.

We now are proud and blessed to have since June 27, 1997, Rev. Deveraux R. Hubbard.