Account Setup and Troubleshooting
Update Contact and Family Information
Questions about Online Security      

Account Setup and Troubleshooting
   You can create your own account if your name and email is in the church records.  Otherwise email with your name, address, email and a phone number and you will be contacted to update your record.

  • Click the link in the box above to log in or create an account
  • You need a login, so click the “Click here “ link
  • Enter your email address, first name, and last name.  Include any suffix (Jr, Sr, II, etc.) if necessary
  • Click Find me.  If what you entered matches what is in the church records, you will receive a “Congratulations” message.  Your user name and password will be emailed to you.  If the system cannot find you, call 309-686-2086 ext. 121 or email with your name, address, email and a phone number and you will be contacted to update your record.g

I just created my account and the password that was sent to me does not work.

        Because your first password is computer generated, it can often contain unusual characters.  Many people have found it useful to select the password in the registration email you received and copy/paste it into the Sign In screen. You will be immediately prompted to change your temporary password to one you can remember.  Choose a strong password that turns the “strength” bar to green.      

Contact and Family Information
How do I update my contact information?

     If you’ve moved or change your phone number or email address, you can update your record by clicking “My Complete Profile” and then clicking on the appropriate pencil icon for the information you want to update.  You will see a note that you have submitted a change request to your account, which will disappear when the change has been approved.  

I’ve had a family change.  How can I update this?
     There are a number of different family situation changes, and most should be handled personally instead of through the system.  If you are experiencing a life change event (birth or marriage of a child, death in the family, marriage, or divorce), please call 309-686-2086 x121 or email and explain your situation.  We will work with you to update your records.          

How do I view my contributions?
     Your current giving history is available when you log in to your St. Paul ACS site.  To view your contributions click “My Giving History”.  Couples can either have combined or individual giving records.  If you have questions about your contributions, please email or call 309-686-2086 ext. 121.    

How do I set up online giving?

     Click on “Give Now” to set up one-time or recurring gifts via electronic funds transfer using your checking account.  Online gifts will generally be visible in your giving history within five days of when they were made.  Credit cards are not advisable.  
     Select a fund from the list, enter an amount, and include an optional memo for your reference.  To make your gift recurring, check the box and complete frequency, start date, and end date or number of gifts.  Then click the “Add” button.  Then click the “Give” Button.
     Enter your bank’s routing number and your checking account number; double check for accuracy.  Then click the Submit button.    

Questions about Online Security
Is my contact information freely available on the Internet?

     No, your information is available only to the church staff and the people in the database.  You have the option to control who sees your information.  

Is my giving history private?
      Absolutely.  Only you can see your giving history and only when you have logged in.  

Are my transactions private?

     Absolutely.  We work with a secure server to initiate and complete all transactions.